We work closely with each client to identify the right technologies for the solution. Our full-stack development capabilities include frameworks such as HTML5, AngularJS, Node.js, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, jQuery, Sencha Ext JS, ObjectiveC, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and server-side platforms, including PHP, Java, and Python.


We design and build innovative, enterprise software products that connect companies to their users. You can rely on our vast experience, focus on discovery and design, along with technical expertise to design and build the cutting-edge solution.


We are built to work in a flexible, productive, and collaborative manner to ensure that we deliver against your requirements, from strategy, discovery and design through full-stack development and implementation.


Requirements & Specification

Before writing code, Queen City Tech meets with you to identify your business needs and set goals. Our techs outline your project from beginning to end, covering feature set, timeline, and cost before proceeding to ensure quality.

Quality Assurance

To ensure quality, we do not release a project until we have verified that it is running smoothly and to your expectation. Before releasing a project, we make sure our QA team has thoroughly tested and debugged any technical or design flaws.

Architecture Planning

Before providing you with the best option for building your software, we inform you of the whole process: how we will build the software, pros and cons, possible obstacles or setbacks, shortcuts for each possible options so that making an informed decision is simple.

Deployment & Maintenance

We provide you with feedback, maintenance, and additional support even after your project has been released to help your business grow and evolve as necessary.

Designs & Development

Queen City Tech are proponents of agile development.  Our design team works closely to plan, create, and continually update your software to keep it effective and evolving. We accomplish this by using wire framing, UX/UI planning, coding, visual design, and testing.

SEO, SEM & Social Media

Our experts specialize in optimizing your business’s visibility in search engines and major social media platforms via our SEO and SEM practices.

"It's not a faith in technology - It's faith in people"

Steve Jobs

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